Mayor Feeney Talks Chillicothe Traffic

Luke Feeney

Several traffic flow related issues for the City of Chillicothe are still be discussed by city officials, with some matters already decided, but waiting for signage.

"Through-traffic" at the intersection of Second & Mulberry Streets will be changing to a three-way stop. Mayor Luke Feeney says that change, along with another intersection in the city, will begin with a special flashing stop-sign to get motorists on the correct traffic flow path.

Concerning a proposal of changing the one-way traffic to two-way on Second Street between Paint and Walnut is still being discussed by city council. Development experts have recommended to the city that it be changed, saying it is better for business and out-of-town motorists to navigate the downtown. A group of downtown retail development officials recently told a local gathering that retail and restaurant sales can improve four-fold, with two-way traffic compared to one-way going past their businesses.

Mayor Feeney says that final decision rests with city council. The mayor says this discussion always seems to get slowed by one specific reason....the cost of making the change.

Speaking of cost, but a different section of Second Street, is the decision to halt street crews paving and leaving the street brick. Mayor Feeney said the city did have to eat the expense of having a paving crew on the site with materials, then calling them off at the last minute, when residents asked the street to kept brick. 

Mayor Feeney says he doesn't know off-hand what that expense loss is at the moment, but hopes keeping a street that will probably last a century instead of paving every 15 years, will mean more savings of city dollars.

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