US 50 Rebuilding Nearing End

(Ohio Department of Transportation District 9) -- The landslide remediation project on U.S. Route 50 in Ross County three miles east of Bainbridge in Ross County is progressing well, and with construction of a new retaining wall nearly complete, it will soon be time for paving to begin...and the last full closure.  

After bedrock turned out to be deeper than expected, the project just west of California Hollow Road was redesigned to include building a 128-foot drilled-shaft retaining wall at the west end of the construction zone with 32 90-foot beams.

Following a summer shutdown for the redesign, crews returned to work in mid-September to begin beam installation, and now, with nearly all the beams in place, the new retaining wall is getting closer to completion. 

During the next two weeks, the contractors will be installing walers, concrete lagging panels and plug piles. Once this is complete, they will be ready to pave the roadway.

However, in order to complete the bulk of the work and have restrictions lifted before the Thanksgiving holiday, it will be necessary to close the route for paving.

“Moving into November, we will be up against the weather, so if we do not allow the contractors to close the route for paving, U.S. 50 could be restricted to one lane through the winter months and until early spring,” said Ohio Department of Transportation - District 9 Deputy Director Vaughn Wilson.

Currently, it is anticipated that U.S. 50 will be closed November 13 through 22, and during this time, the contractors will remove the temporary roadway, install a drainage culvert, place embankment, install guardrail and pave the base course. 

Once this is completed, the road can then be open to two lanes.  


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