Ohio Group Sends Christmas Trees to Troops

For 22 years, an organization has been sending Ohio Christmas trees to soldiers serving overseas. The Ohio Christmas Tree Association's 'Operation Evergreen' started in 1995 and has sent more than five-thousand trees to troops. 

Amy Galehouse is the Coordinator."They're scheduled to go into Kuwait this year," said Galehouse. "They go in there and then they're distributed throughout the Middle East area. This year we have scheduled 200 trees to be sent out."The trees are always a treat for the troops, said Galehouse.

"For anybody that's lived outside of the United States during the holiday season, they understand very quickly what it's like not to be home with all the traditions they normally have," said Galehouse. "The trees are just something from home that they don't get to see overseas."

It'll cost about 20-thousand dollars to ship the trees. Find out how to help at www.ohiochristmastree.org


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