Ross Grand Jury Open Cases All About Drugs

The Ross County Grand Jury returned 22 of 23 cases Friday, with six open.  Among them: 

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According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on September 28th a warrant arrest was planned for 40-year-old Steven R. Laplante of 2654 Sulphur Lick Road.  But on the way to the door, Sherrif's deputies and U.S. Marshals found a used one-pot meth lab in his front yard. 

Laplante consented to a search, and by the time the US 23 Task Force combed his residence, three more labs, and chemicals for the production of methamphetamine, were found. 

Laplante could get up to five years and a $10,000 fine for illegal assembly, or posession of chemicals, for the manufacture of drugs. 

He was also indicted August 4th for a separate charge of aggravated possession of meth. 

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According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on September 24th a tip was called in on two suspects in a car on Moss Hollow Road.  When the car was stopped by officers, both driver and passenger jumped out and ran off. 

As officers were searching the area, a woman in a nearby house was heard screaming about a man in the house. 

38-year-old Eric J. Stanley of 2422 Massieville Road fled again, but was tacked after 20 yards.  His brother Aaron, who was the driver, was not caught. 

Eric could get up to 18 months and a $5,000 fine for burglary.   

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According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, an officer on drug interdiction patrol saw a 2002 white Cadilac southbound on High Street.  After pulling it over for traffic violations and talking to the driver, the officer noticed the passenger was acting nervous. 

A police dog alerted to 29-year-old Dominique D. Brown of 802 Adams Avenue.  An officer noticed a "large abnormality in the rectum area."  After denying it...Brown then produced a bag of crack. 

He could get up to 11 years and a $20,000 fine for possession of cocaine.   


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