Mask Show at Pump House Center for the Arts

Creepy faces have filled the Pump House this month.  Kevin Coleman was at opening night the evening of Friday the 13th. 

As the Halloween Festival filled Yoctangee Park, the art of A.J. Good filled the art gallery with similar scary masks, and pictures of faces. 

As well as making his own, he collects masks of all kinds - and not just scary ones.  He has his own Youtube channel for them. 

He's moving to a larger home so he can put more on display.  Good may have the largest mask collection in the world, that he guesses is more than 1,000. 

He's also a tattoo artist.  If you've wondered about the bumper stickers that read "I hate A.J.Good"?  He says it started as a joke from when he was not a very nice guy in high school, but has become a calling card. 

You can learn more at or  



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