Frontier Athletic Conference All League Tennis Team

Brittany Harper

The Frontier Athletic Conference has named its 2017 All League Team. The inaugural year had Co-Champs for the league title. Jackson and Chillicothe both finished with identical league records of (7-1).    

The FAC Tennis "Player of the Year" is Brittany Harper of Chillicothe.  

Others named to the all league team are:

Natalie Drotleff- (Chillicothe)

Heidi Arth- (Chillicothe)

Ali Gossman- (Chillicothe)

Alyson Bragg- (Jackson)

Sydney Humphreys- (Jackson)

McKenzie Humphreys- (Jackson)

Anita Pursell- (Miami Trace)

Megan Downing- (Washington Court House)


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