Piketon Dump and New Stop Signs in Chillicothe Council

After three speakers brought up the issue of the proposed waste dump at the Piketon Atomic plant, a council member requested a session to hear more. 

The mayors of Waverly, Piketon, and a Piketon council member spoke in the audience participation section on their concerns about what the Department of Energy wants to build...and how Chillicothe is not that far away in distance and economics.   

Councilwoman Jean Kearney asked to schedule a meeting to get some definitive information and consider a council resolution on the issue. 

Kearney said there will be two speakers, members of the American Association of University Women who have attended Piketon meetings.  

She said the public is welcome at the meeting 6:30 next Monday in council chambers. 

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After more than three years, two downtown intersections that lost their traffic lights will be getting new stop signs. 

The intersections of Walnut and Fourth, and Second and Mulberry, will change from an uninterrupted two-way street plus a one-way stop...to all streets stopping. 

Dave Tatman saw his ordinance to do that pass after three readings. - but nothing will change until probably after New Year's.  He says the signs will have to be ordered after 30 days, and then the holidays will slow things down. 

Temporary stop signs will be set up first, with solar-powered blinking lights to attract attention.  Later, they can be used elsewhere as needed. 

Tatman said there were not as many crashes as he expected, but with the Municipal Court and Post Office near to each, there's been many close calls...in addition to some drivers still stopping, and others speeding through. 

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Council also heard from former councilman Eric Rinehart on opposition to the recycling program, or at least additional fees for it. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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