Traffic Stop Extended into Drug Bust

(Ross County Law Enforcement Complex) -- Sheriff Lavender reports that his patrol division made a traffic stop early this morning on Stauffer Lane near Eastern Avenue. 

The vehicle was a 2002 Chevy being driven by 46-year-old Christopher S. Crabtree of Jackson, Ohio. 

During the traffic stop deputies discovered several prescription pain killers, suspected Methamphetamine, Drug Abuse Instruments, and Marijuana.

Crabtree was arrested and charged with O.V.I. and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments. Additional charges will be filed when lab results are completed.

Sheriff Lavender wants to commend his deputies in his patrol division for investigating beyond the initial traffic violation that lead to the discovery of these drugs - S.T.O.P.P (Stop Trafficking Or Pay the Price). 

46-year-old Christopher S. Crabtree of Jackson had prescription pain killers, suspected methamphetamine, drug abuse instruments, and marijuana.
46-year-old Christopher S. Crabtree of Jackson, Ohio, arrested on drug charges


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