Chillicothe Leaf Collection Begins October 23rd

The City of Chillicothe has announced they will begin leaf collection the week of October 23rd.

Leaves should be raked to curbside grassy area between the street and sidewalk. If there is no grass between the street and sidewalk, pile them on the grass in your yard. Don't block the sidewalks or allow leaves to gather in the storm drain.

Collection will begin at 6am on the week of your trash pickup, but will take place through the week. Also, do not park cars in front of where leaves need to be collected.

Monday trash pickups will have leaf collections October 23-27 and November 27th-November 1st.

Tuesday trash pickups will have leaf collection October 30th-November 3rd and December 4th-8th.

Wednesday trash pickups will have leaf collection November 6th-10th and December 11th-15th.

Thursday trash pickups will have leaf collection November 13th-17th and December 18th-22nd.

Friday trash pickups have leaf collections November 20th-24th and December 26th-29th.

Leaf piles that also contain grass trimmings, branches or brush will NOT be picked up. Branches and brush can be taken by residents to the Renick Avenue disposal site.

Call the Chillicothe Service Department with questions at (740) 773-2700.


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