Chillicothe Ponders Second Street Surface

Chillicothe motorists driving on Second Street, between High and Walnut Streets, have noticed the current paving project has left the old brick streets exposed instead of covering with asphalt. Chillicothe Safety/Service Director Jeff Carman says residents in that area has made a request to the city to leave the street as brick.

Carman says they have forwarded that request to city council, but in the meantime, the city is alerting motorists to drive slowly and be aware of the protruding manhole covers, which can't be adjusted until after a decision is made on whether to pave or leave Second Street with the current brick surface.

Listen to our podcast interview with Jeff Carman and Ed Kunzelman, concerning downtown development and the Second Street brick surface. The interview will also be one of our Communique interviews this Sunday morning.



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