Circleville Council Hears More on Everts, Downtown Improvement

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council heard more on the possible use of part of Everts School. 

Krystin May again gave an update on the efforts of "ArtsaRound" to plan for reusing the wing of Everts School the city still owns...reluctantly. 

May said they have - or soon will - meet with financial consultants, nonprofit and tax attorneys, building inspectors, foundations, and more.  

One word of advice recently was in agreement with the Pickaway County commissioners: get opened as soon as possible - then continue renovating and opening more aspects. 

She is confident that ArtsaRound is forging ahead on the proposed cultural and arts center - anyone they approach, always gives support. 

Hear her whole update in our webstory. 

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Council praised a downtown improvement meeting that several members attended. 

Council member Julie Strawser said about 70 people attended the September 7th gathering, which she says many downtown businesses supported. 

24 towns are members of the "Ohio Main Street Program," an economic development and historic preservation methodology.  

The next possible step for Circleville would be a two-day assessment which would cost $5,000...but the city would then get a $900 one-year membership. 

Strawser hopes a commitment is made soon - council is about to discuss tightening the budget, and businesses might have to help out. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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