Ross County Health Levy

The Board of Directors of the Chillicothe Ross Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution supporting passage of the upcoming 1-mill levy for the Ross County Health District. The 5-year Issue will be facing voters within the Ross County area on the May primary ballot. 

If approved by voters, funds will be used:

• Hire sanitarians to restore staffing levels in Environmental Health, inspect restaurants, schools, and public health nuisances

• Immunizations and shots for all children, regardless of family income

• Septic and sewage inspections to help keep our drinking water and surface waterways clean

• Provide support to grant programs and restore the STD and Women’s Health Clinic

• Identify and apply for new grant programs

• Fund state mandated accreditation to maintain local control of services

• Hire an emergency response employee to restore response capability

Member of the Board maintain that a strong General Health District is essential for the continued growth and development of Chillicothe and Ross County. Voters are encouraged to visit the "2017 Ross County Health District Levy" Facebook page for more information.


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