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We Can’t Get Gas or Baby Formula, But Ukraine Gets $40B

CLAY: The $40 billion in Ukraine aid has passed; so there had been a hang-up. We’re now on to Thursday. It passed overwhelming support even though, as many people who are listening to this show know, we have not thought that it makes a lot of sense to be spending $40 billion on Ukraine while we can’t even get baby formula on the shelves here. But it passed. I’m looking at the numbers: 86 to 11.

So it is already now law because it’s already passed in the House. So that is gonna be signed by Joe Biden. Also, I want to hit this because I know a lot of you are struggling with gas prices. All 50 states now have hit an all-time high in gas prices. This is from an ABC News report. “For the first time ever, all 50 states have an average price of at least $4 for a gallon of unleaded gas.”

It doesn’t matter where you live. Listen to this, or maybe don’t. The point is, Buck, we have now gone over $4 in all 50 states, and that’s being reported. For a long time, where you live mattered. California, obviously was far more expensive than it would be in Texas, for instance. There’s increasingly no way to not be being take advantage of based on this Biden collapsing economy in terms of these gas prices. They are overwhelming.

BUCK: I think you’re gonna see a reduction in the lectures we get from politicians for the next few months here about the need for more windmills and the need for more green energy stuff. They tried that for a while and people were really starting to seize a little bit as these gas prices rise. So Biden administration — you gotta give you credit where it’s due, Clay — they’re hitting records left and right. They’re hitting records all over the place.

CLAY: Oh, it’s bitter, bitter, bitter.


BUCK: Wow. Look at that. Biden administration setting records, everybody. You can’t say they aren’t distinguishing themselves here by making sure pay more money for gas than you probably have in your lifetime. The price of gas — depends on what state you live in, but right now — at a nationwide record high, highest inflation in 40 years. You know what’s fascinating? Reagan, you know, takes office, what, 1980, 1981 —

CLAY: 1981, right.

BUCK: 1981. And the inflation level when he comes in of course after Carter very high and then it starts dropping and then it starts dropping and gets all the way down to where the Fed would want it to be because it turns out that this is a monetary policy issue and that that bad decision-making as negative consequences. Good decision-making can actually take it in the other direction, and I wish I could say…

You know, part of the problem here I think, Clay, is that these numbers are all indicative of spending too much and limiting productivity and enlarging government, and just the entire philosophy of the Biden Democrats has been wrong on this. But they don’t accept that at all. They are going to live in delusions and they are gonna try to obfuscate. And to give you a sense of the degree of the delusion, here’s Nancy Pelosi on the baby formula situation. She was asked, “Do you think that you guys have done a good job with this one?”

Here’s Nancy Pelosi.

BUCK: Yeah, fully satisfied, Clay, doing a bang-up job, fantastic work on the baby formula shortage as parents still cannot get baby formula in many states across the country. They’re scrambling for it, and Congressman Michael Waltz, I think, was on Fox this morning. He’s got a young baby. He says, “I’m having trouble, my wife’s having trouble finding baby formula.” And on top of all of that there’s a word you’re gonna start to — I wish I could say this is gonna get better, folks. The baby formula thing they’ve realized is a huge political liability so I do think they’re gonna start mobilizing on that.

CLAY: Can I just say, if you get to the point where there’s a baby formula shortage —

BUCK: You got a problem.

CLAY: — you should be embarrassed to say what Nancy Pelosi just said. Because, as you pointed out, Buck, of everything that exists in terms of food in America, baby formula is probably the one thing that can’t be replaced because babies have to have it. They’re not like adults where you can just say, “Hey, if I don’t get one thing, I can substitute it for another.”

This is their diet. They must have it. So I’m sorry. When Nancy Pelosi says I’m very satisfied with the way the White House has handled this, anyone who has ever had a child and has ever had to buy baby formula is one billion percent in disagreement with her because this situation can never arise, period. That means you failed.

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