Colin Cowherd: Kyrie Irving is Simply an 'Instagram Basketball Star'

Colin Cowherd: “Kyrie returned for the Nets, he scored a bunch of points, and they lost to awful Cleveland… The Nets had won 4 straight without Kyrie, they were 2-0 with KD and Harden, and then he comes back against dreadful Cleveland, they lose, and the guy he’s guarding, Collin Sexton, scored 20 straight points in overtime. James Harden played 51 minutes and only had 14 shots. KD and Harden on the floor were +6, Harden and Kyrie were -3, and KD and Kyrie were -7, so they were better when Kyrie was OFF the floor… The Nets will be WORSE with Kyrie Irving. He’s the only NBA star I can think of in my adult life that I would be willing to trade for role players, and I think I would upgrade… The NBA is very unique. Ratings indicate we don’t watch the NBA games, we watch the highlights. Kyrie Irving is an Instagram basketball star. In 15-second clips he’s amazing, but if you watch 47 minutes, not so much -- he plays no defense. NBA fans are younger than in other sports, and they play video games and often Fantasy than other sports. You need STARS to win in video games and in fantasy, so the NBA is the one sport where guys who aren’t winning basketball players just get defended by fans… In the NFL, if you don’t help the cause to 'winning', fans are like ‘IM OUT.’ In the NBA we don’t watch games, we watch ‘clips’, and in the world of ‘clips’ Kyrie is amazing.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Kyrie Irving is simply an ‘Instagram basketball star’, and really just a player who looks breathtaking and otherworldly in highlight reels, but a guy who doesn’t make your team better at all.

Irving returned from his two-week hiatus to break Brooklyn’s four-game winning streak without him, as the Nets lost in double-OT to the lowly Cavs.

Check out the video above as Colin presents his theory on why NBA fans have routinely given Kyrie a pass, despite a proven history of his former teams seemingly getting better the moment he leaves.

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