Multiple Nessie Sightings Reported

In a year in which on-location sightings of the creature have been few and far between, multiple visitors to Loch Ness over the past month have reported seeing the site's legendary monster. According to a local media report, he most recent encounter reportedly occurred this past weekend when Corey and Lauren Sturrock spotted what they described as an anomaly "the size of a bus" emerge from the water. Speculating that the creature was a massive eel, Corey lamented that "by the time I got my phone out it had gone underneath again."

More fortunate was a witness named Monika, who reportedly photographed what may have been the final moments of a Nessie sighting (seen above) back on September 15th. According to her, she had been sitting outside of a farmhouse overlooking the picturesque site when "something caught the corner of our eye on the lake near the opposite shore." Specifically, she noticed a dark shadow that "broke through the surface just slightly." By the time Monika was able to take a picture, she was only able to capture what the water looked like right after the oddity sunk below the surface.

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