Miles of Stopped Traffic on US 23/35 at Chillicothe Wednesday

An incident on local freeways stopped traffic Wednesday afternoon.

At 3pm, traffic on combined northbound US 23 / 35 was backed up from the Scioto River bridge just north of the Main Street exit, back almost two miles to the split near Eastern Avenue...with traffic still accumulating.

iHeart Reporter Kevin Coleman happened to pass by in the southbound lanes and caught these photos of vehicles spaced out at the scene.

A semi-truck was stopped on the berm just north of the bridge with two Highway Patrol cruisers. A ladder fire engine was parked across the roadway at a safe distance, then a medical helicopter was stationary on the bridge. Then two more Highway Patrol cruisers and at least two ambulances were farther away...all ahead of stopped traffic, which included another fire engine.

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