Chillicothe Council Approves 11 Agenda Items, Receives 1 Resignation

Chillicothe City Council will be looking to fill a vacancy: Devon Shoemaker, Council at Large, announced his resignation at the end of Monday night's regular session.

"This is not easy for me; it is truly unfortunate," said Shoemaker, "but I must announcement my resignation from City Council effective at the adjournment of this meeting. I've taken a new job; it's not compatible with my service on Council, and, quite frankly, my new job will require all of my attention."

Also at the Council meeting, members passed the following agenda items:

  • an ordinance accepting 2020 CARES Act awards for the Transit Department;
  • an ordinance appropriating $15,000 for repair bills and planning improvements for the Fire Department;
  • an ordinance appropriating $53,460 for the Chillicothe Police Department's 2021 AXON bill (for body cams and cloud storage);
  • an ordinance appropriating $900 to replace a refrigerator at Fire Station 4;
  • an ordinance appropriating $25,000 for Law Director's Office outside contracts;
  • an ordinance appropriating $16,000 to buy a new refuse truck;
  • an ordinance appropriating $61,500 to buy road salt;
  • an ordinance appropriating $120,899.20 for the city's share of costs for improvements to the Law Enforcement Center;
  • an ordinance amending Section 116.02 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Chillicothe titled "Personnel in the City Law Director's Office;"
  • an ordinance to approve current replacement pages to the Chillicothe Codified Ordinances;
  • a resolution recognizing John Fosson's 29 years of dedicated services to the city as Clerk of City Council.

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