WATCH: GOP Rep. Tom Emmer Gets Stuck Upside Down During Zoom Meeting

A House Financial Services Committee meeting was briefly halted after one of the lawmakers had issues with Zoom. Minnesota Rep. Tom Emmer was discussing job security during the coronavirus pandemic when Chairwoman Maxine Waters stopped him, wondering if everything was OK because he was upside down.

"During COVID-19, we must make sure that our nation's sole proprietors and the smallest of small businesses receive timely...," Emmer was saying as Waters interjected.

"Will the gentleman suspend?" Waters asked. "I'm sorry -- Mr. Emmer? Are you OK?"

Emmer told other members he had no idea what happened or how to fix the issue. One lawmaker joked, "at least you're not a cat," referencing a viral video in which a Texas lawyer was unable to turn off a cat filter during a virtual meeting.

After about a minute, Emmer managed to fix his issue, and the hearing continued.

"I appreciate your patience, Madam Chair," Emmer said, adding that "I don't know what happened, it just came out this way -- I turned it off and I turned it back on."

After the meeting, Emmer shared a screenshot of the mishap on Twitter, declaring "I am not a cat."

Photo: Getty Images