Circleville Council Hears About 2020 Budget, Homeless Town Hall

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council heard the first version of their new budget, which will go all three reads. Finance chair Barry Keller gave the number: $22,830,014.

But he points out that the number is lower than normal since it excludes most capital requests. So, all committees are considering capital requests after new year's.

The five-year income tax levy to support safety forces was passed by voters, but Keller says they won't start to see those funds until mid-year...and won't get the full collection amount until the third year. He says council will work on an exact plan to spend the funds.

As usual, Circleville will give the budget hard tweaks in late January or early February after final budget numbers come in.


The mayor announced he plans to address homelessness.

Mayor Don McIlroy said he has arranged a town hall meeting about the issue. He said he was approached by residents to address the issue, which has been more noticeable this year.

The gathering will be 7pm this coming Monday, November 25th, at Circleville High School, and will include social service agencies and groups.

McIlroy says the new 2-1-1 information service can suggest shelters, but more needs to be done.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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