Ross County Grand Jury Indicts High Speed Chase Driver

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 37 of their cases Friday, with nine open.

In one case, a Chillicothe man under frequent observation by Chillicothe Police did not disappoint.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on August 20th an officer started following 42-year-old Cameron D. Crews after he was spotted driving with a suspended license.

Crews then raced north from the Dairy Queen on Bridge Street up to 70 miles an hour, weaving through traffic, and turning into oncoming traffic to circle around Shawnee Square. He almost ran into the police cruiser, then headed back south to where he was stopped at the east end of Riverside Street.

A .88 gram mix of heroin and fentanyl was found under his seat.

While he was out on bond, he was again caught driving October 7th without a license and with .19 grams of meth folded into a dollar bill on his sun visor.

Both incidents were after a secret indictment for when Crews ran from an officer June 22nd and was seen tossing three grams of meth from his pocket after he fell.

For indictments on failure to comply and drug charges, Crews could get up to five years and $15,000 in fines.


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