Ross County Grand Jury on Richmond Dale Violence and Gun Possession

The Ross County Grand Jury returned 21 of their 22 cases Friday, with four open.


In one, a couple are liable for a violent overreaction in Richmond Dale.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, 25-year-old Kendrick Lee Jernigan of Richmond Dale yelled at children who had stopped in the middle of a Richmond Dale street because one had stepped on a rock on August 27th.

He then returned to their parent's home, kicked in a door, and assaulted the resident...before he chased Jernigan out with a baseball bat.

Jernigan then returned shortly in a car driven by 21-year-old Christa L. Wallingford. He brandished a firearm on the front porch, fired it, broke a window with the butt of the gun, then left.

For indictments on aggravated burglary for the home invasion, and attempted aggravated burglary for the broken window, Jernigan could get up to 19 years and $35,000 in fines.

For complicity, Wallingford could get 8 years and $15,000 in fines.


In another, a burned-out headlight and a gun will cost a Columbus man on a Chillicothe Street.

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, 32-year-old Rayshawn S. Meeks of Columbus was a passenger in car pulled over for a burned-out headlight June 23rd.

The officer recognized the smell of marijuana, which the occupants admitted they had smoked. But under passenger Meeks' seat was a loaded 9mm handgun stolen in Franklin County.

Meeks already has two convictions on cocaine possession and aggravated burglary. For indictments on carrying a concealed weapon under disability and receiving stolen property, he could get up to four and a half years and $15,000 in fines.


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