Circleville Council Considers New Board and Annexes Park Addition

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council spent an hour restarting a discussion that stalled out two years ago.

Instead of having a Planning & Zoning Commission that also handles appeals, council considered forming an additional Board of Zoning Appeals. After meetings fell through in 2017, they set a meeting November 1st of this year for a few council members to advance the discussion.

Council president David Crawford said a smaller group should work out an agreement easier than the whole council.

Councilman Tom Spring was a major proponent on forming an appeals board. He said 18 of the 20 cities in and around Pickaway County have one...and he says that's because Circleville and Canal Winchester had the same consultant.

Spring says it's hard to plan and zone as well as be an administrative and quasi-judicial body, so he hopes to help set up a new board before he leaves council at the end of the year.


Council also annexed a park addition.

A few months ago, adjacent property owners sold more than 20 acres to the city to nearly double Barthelmas Park on the east side of Circleville.

But that left it split between city and county so council voted to annex the parcel.

And, next council session will coincide with "Preview Night" for locals - their unpublicized beginning of the biggest event in Circleville, the Pumpkin Show.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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