Chillicothe Council Has New Start Time and Considered New Properties

Monday evening, a Chillicothe Council committee discussed a big purchase...some more.

City Services chair Aaron Hines saw continued movement towards buying the Pepsi warehouse on East 7th Street near the Transit Facility. He said it is a rare opportunity in a good location, and is less than a million dollars while what was recommended for the city might cost $17 million.

Hines said it's been moving too fast for the auditor, but she hopes to have solid numbers for their next, Wednesday meeting. He said they're looking forward to the future as well as getting rid of some older buildings.

Although he says the closing is soon - October 30th - he say he wants pubic scrutiny with all three reads...even though that will come close to the deadline.


Council officially changed when their sessions begin, by half an hour. Their new 7pm start time will officially start October 14th.

Dustin Proehl also saw an ordinance pass to pay $12,000 for cleanup of a spectacular fire on the brow of Carlisle Hill April 15th.

Neighbor Greg Sparks complimented the city on moving forward there on Highland Avenue, but hoped bigger equipment will be used than what's there now.


Joel Fleurima is seeing the city slowly move forward on a new west-side fire station with passage of his ordinance. He said it gave authorization for the administration to acquire the property and then make plans for the facility.

As for moving the Law Director's office into old City Hall, Fleurima hopes to have its legislation on the next agenda.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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