Chillicothe Council Passes Draft Budget, to Pay for Repair

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council heard they will be asked to pay for a costly repair.

Although a master plan has been implemented, the aging city utilities sometime get ahead of the plan.

Pat Patrick explained why she will ask for immediate funds next council session - $35,000 for a severely rusted electrical conduit and components at the Waste Treatment Plant.

Patrick also said she will follow the recommendation of the Utilities Rate Review Committee...but will make all of the rate hike a 4% increase in sewer fees, with no increase for water fees.


Council also approved the draft budget for next year.

Finance chair Dustin Proehl said the city should finish the year in good shape, as shown in the Tax Budget, a mid-year estimate required by state law.

He said the carryover estimate is about $2,500,000, which is ideal.

Proehl said the overall estimated budget is about $35 million dollars, with the only significant changes in the budget from last year being a 2% personnel services increase, and one-time recycling startup costs.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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