Circleville Council Hears Updates and News from Around Town

In his briefing to council, Mayor Don McIlroy said he had taken the next step of a formal request for the city to join the county and sheriff in their dispatching center, after a few years of working towards the project.

McIlroy said the railroad that runs through town addressed a junk pile and cleaned up railroad ties, and that cleaning up crossings is the next request.

The city is also in negotiations to receive payment for allowing a few street crossings to be permanently closed.

McIlroy listed some nuisances the city is working on, including three fire damaged houses, one of which has been demolished.

And, a new Verizon cell tower set to replace the city's police antenna and improve communications...may fetch the city some income soon.


Brenda Gibson of "Uptown Circleville" addressed council in a regular visit, giving updates on adding pedestrian features and accents to the downtown.

She ended on a positive note, noting that the Pumpkin Show Park and new fairgrounds will help draw visitors and spending to the downtown.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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