Citywide Chillicothe Yard Sale This Weekend

The City of Chillicothe conducts its citywide yard sale this weekend. City Service Director, Jeff Carman, says there are a few things both sellers and shoppers need to know.

"City council has waived the fee for a yard sale permit, so you can go ahead and participate in the sale without having to contact the auditor’s office," said Carman.

"Another thing is if you're having a yard sale, just making sure you're putting your items in the yard and not putting anything on the sidewalk that would block the sidewalks."

For those who will be out looking for deals during this weekend's sale, Jeff says just be courteous to neighbors and take some precautions when hauling items from a sale site.

"If you're one of the buyers, we don't want you parking in people's driveways, or blocking people's driveways," said Carman. "If you're buying larger items and placing them inside the back of a pickup truck, just make sure the items are properly secured. We don't want anything falling out."

Once this weekend's citywide yard sale concludes, Jeff says the city will then kick off its large-item collection program on Monday to gather all those items that go unsold.

Jeff says be careful though, there are some items the city will not collect.

"The main items that people put out that we won’t take are tires, appliances, electronic devices and construction materials," said Carman. "We won't take those types of items. What we do pickup are couches and beds and other large pieces of furniture."

If you have items such as tires and electronics that need disposing of, the Ross, Pickaway, Highland & Fayette Solid Waste District holds an electronics and tire recycling event at the Ross County Fairgrounds on June 15th.

The city's large item collection program corresponds to a neighborhood’s trash collection schedule. Households with Monday trash collection will see their large items collected during the program's first week. Those with Tuesday trash collection will see their large items picked up during the second week, and so on.

You can find the full schedule on the city's website.


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