Ross County Youth Council Introduce Themselves to Chillicothe Council

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council heard from a youth council.

Three members of the "Ross County Youth Council" introduced themselves. CHS junior Sophie Fulkerson is the president...Unioto junior Noah Mead is secretary...and CHS junior Alison Gossman is treasurer.

They explained they were inspired to create the group after a retreat in Cincinnati, to help connect youth and create a better image of their generation, through four representatives from each school that are so often rivals.

They said they will start a food drive competition April 29th, with the winning school getting a trophy built from cans by students of the Career & Technology Center.

Then, they want to have a summer pool party...maybe a version of the Ross County Teen Idol to kick off the school year...and grander things. Fulkerson speculated on a youth-owned sandwich and coffee shop.

For now they meet twice a month at the Chillicothe Intermediate School, and are planning an internet presence.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils

Three members of the "Ross County Youth Council" introduced themselves to Chillicothe Council.


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