Circleville Council Hears from Promising Occupant of Everts Wing

Tuesday evening, Circleville Council heard from a promising occupant of their parts of old Everts School.

In a committee meeting, the senior pastor of Crossroads Church Circleville spoke on what he would like to expand into the disused gym and industrial arts wing.

Dan Coy said they have Crossroads Christian Academy, on Tarlton Road south of Circleville, but their 72 acres are filling up, and he would like to offer community activities downtown.

He said they were open to partnering on the project...including joining with the Pickaway Art League who had hoped to use the facility.

Council will revisit the topic in one month. Coy and another partner, John Violet of Bialy Corp, said what they would bring to it: "Something amazing."

Violet said he's bringing real estate and renovation experience, including 15 redevelopments in Circleville and 1,100 rental units throughout Pickaway County.

The roof of the wing has been a critical issue, and Violet said he will have a crew to inspect it Wednesday.

Council will revisit the topic in one month and hear more from them.

Council did not have any legislation, but also continued to discuss which railroad crossing they might agree to close.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils



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