Local Garden Clubs Hear About Ohio's Heritage Gardens

The garden clubs of Chillicothe and Ross County had their spring meeting recently, and heard from the curator of the heritage garden at the Governor's Mansion.  

Mary Lewis coordinates three acres of outdoor landscaping around the residence of the Ohio governor, in Bexley on the east side of Columbus. But much of it is wild.

Plants, rocks, soil...even sand and water has been brought in from the five natural regions of Ohio to create examples of them for visitors who can't travel to the areas. 

This was the brainchild of past Ohio first lady, Hope Taft. Lewis says its only U.S. governor's residence with native habitat.

It's a favorite place for kids. And Governor DeWine and his wife are big on education, with 24 grandchildren, so Lewis thinks more programs may be developed on the grounds.  

She recommends visiting once a month to see changes during the growing season.  Tours can be scheduled on Tuesdays...and Lewis is also always open for volunteers.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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