Jewelry Theft and Shoplifting in Ross Grand Jury

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 25 cases Friday, with five open.  

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In one, indictments of shoplifting and jewelry theft caught up with a man already in the Ross County Jail. 

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on January 4th, Chillicothe Wal-Mart Loss Prevention found December 31st video footage of a man who had put $1,300 worth of merchandise in a cart and went out a sliding door whose alarm had been disabled. 

38-year-old Ralph E. Humphrey III was indicted for criminal mischief for the doors, criminal trespass because he had been barred from the store, as well as theft. 

He was also identified and indicted for receiving stolen property when an officer was investigating another case involving Humphrey.  In the website "LeadsOnline"  Humphrey was identified as pawning a 1977 Jackson High School class ring, and a 1938 Wellston High School class ring. 

The officer contacted Jackson High School and was able to find the ring's owner based on the initials on the 1977 ring.  The 1938 ring was his grandmothers, which was stolen along with other items from a storage unit, all valued at a total of $3,000.  Humphrey was indicted for receiving stolen property. 

He could get up to a total of 15 months and $3,250 in fines. 


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