Bob Leach Is Jaycees' "Citizen of the Year"

The Jaycees awarded their "Citizen of the Year" Thursday a new location.  

Jaycees president Ryan Adams was at a student awards session at Huntington Middle School, to sneak in an award to Bob Leach, who is a teacher there as well as a very active volunteer in many local history and military groups and activities.  

Adams said, on the 60th anniversary of the "Citizen of the Year" award, they decided to present it differently, and go to the place of employment of their recipient to help show the value of the employee.  

Bob Leach said he was uncharacteristically speechless, since he had no idea he was getting the award. He said he was surprised, and very humbled.  

Of his many activities, Leach said he was most proud of his contribution to Camp Sherman Days in 2017 because of all the cooperation between groups and agencies.  

From the Jaycees: 

The Chillicothe Jaycees is a volunteer organization serving the residents of Chillicothe and its surrounding areas. Founded in 1934, the Chillicothe Junior Chamber of Commerce (aka Chillicothe Jaycees) offer a full range of educational & volunteer projects that provide opportunities for personal and professional development. 

Membership is made up of Chillicothe & Ross County local citizens (ages 21-41) who volunteer their time to make Chillicothe & Ross County a better place. 

Just an example of what we do are: The Easter Egg Hunt in the Yoctangee Park, the Heroes Day Event at N. Bridge St. Kroger Co. in conjunction with the 9/11 Memorial, the Chillicothe Jaycees/Evening Lions Halloween Parade, and Special Santa.

Starting in 1960, the Jaycees began recognizing individuals who were considered the “unsung” heroes of our community with an award called the Outstanding Citizen of the Year.  It is awarded to those who give to the betterment of those around them in both time and financially without any recognition.  

This year’s recipient is no different than those that have come before him.  His commitments include: serving in various duties at Tyler Memorial United Methodist Church, actively volunteering his time with many local veterans organizations (VFW Post #108 & American Legion Post #62) & the Huntington Local Schools. 

This person was also the founder and directed the Centennial Anniversary of Camp Sherman last year.  One of his most notable accomplishments was retiring after 22 year as a Lt. Colonel of the US Army.  

This year’s award recipient is Robert “Bob” Leach, who is also a middle school history teacher at Huntington Local Schools.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture


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