Chillicothe Council Approves Seeking Grant for Watt Street

In Chillicothe Council Monday evening, Dave Tatman said he was pleased that council approved seeking state funds for yet another special street project.  

He joked that there are so many projects now, he couldn't keep track of what streets were involved.

Work is starting on the Western Avenue widening at Plyleys Lane.  Rebuilding the junction of Arch and Woodbridge should also start this year.  In 2020, work on Belleview Hill should join this new grant for South Watt Street.

Tatman said work there will include sidewalks, drainage, sewer lines, and especially repairing patches where the gas company had cut in.  

Council also approved taking option on a lot at 50 Centennial Boulevard for a possible new western fire station. 

And, Jean Kerney told her fellow council members that she planned to return to the 2016 proposed antidiscimination ordinance...unless new Ohio Governor Mike DeWine takes action on the issue. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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