Chillicothe Civic Theatre Presents "Little Orphan Annie"

Chillicothe Civic Theatre brings a comic strip character to life in the production of "Annie", schedule December 6th through 9th.

Director Joey Manna says the Civic Theatre will conduct their performances at Chillicothe Tabernacle Baptist Church for the first time, since the Majestic has other shows running that weekend. 

Joe Manasco portrays "Daddy Warbucks," and has played other roles. 

The lead of "Annie" will be played by two different girls on respective nights, with Lauren Betz of Zane Trace, and Lily Thomas of Adena.  Hear their previous experiences on stage, below. 

Shows will be 7pm on December 6th, 7th and 8th, and 3pm on December 9th.



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