Chillicothe Council Sells Cruiser, Hears from AEP on Smart Meters

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council approved selling a vehicle to a neighbor. 

Safety Service chair Joel Fleurima explained, Chillicothe is selling a K-9 cruiser.  He said it has outlived its anticipated lifespan.  The Pike County Sheriff's Department will pay $10,000 for it. 

Fleurima also saw council accept a $750 grant from the Chillicothe Elks for a smoke detector program. 

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Council heard from AEP on "Smart Meters."  Two representatives of American Electric Power explained the new communicating digital meters that will be coming to town. 

They said a contractor will start installing them January 3rd, and customers will be thoroughly notified before their power is briefly cut for, while customers are there, for the installation.  

First they will get postcards, then a phone call.  Door hangers will confirm that the smart meter was installed. 

They said the benefit is instant reporting of power outages, accurate reporting of usage, and real-time data...but smart meters do not transmit like a cell phone, and have much less output - more than 12,000 times less. 

They also said there is a $24 monthly charge if you do NOT want a smart meter, to pay for manual meter reading. 

Hear their presentation to council below, and learn more in their web FAQ on "Smart Meters." 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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