Chillicothe Council on Streetscape, Food Trucks

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council heard their ultimatum on Streetscape.

30 years ago, downtown Chillicothe sidewalks were made new and uniform in a massive reinvestment...and property owners had to help pay for it in installments. 

But in last week's review session, Dave Tatman said council determined that each property owner is responsible for taking care of their individual part of Streetscape's sidewalks...instead of having any review commission, or pool of funds.  

Could this allow the work of Streetscape to be undone, piecemeal?  Tatman said maybe, but owners would have to have any proposed work reviewed.  

Earlier, Tatman had mentioned that there was supposed to be a maintenance fund set up for Streetscape...but that was never done.  

Last year, Mayor Luke Feeney had asked for clarification of the issue. 

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Council heard that the "food truck" legislation is going back to the drawing board...again. 

Beth Neal said she has had this assignment since February of 2017...but asked to remove the current ordinance ready for passage, and send it back to committee.  

She said it was hard to create the legislation, and then food truck vendors contacted her recently and had legitimate concerns. 

Two food truck vendors attended council, but said they were glad of this response...and will stay in touch with Neal, even during their current busy season. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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