Chillicothe Council Funds City A/C Work, Considers 2nd Street

Chillicothe Council spent funds to cool the air Monday evening.  Council appropriated $15,000 to beat the heat, and Aaron Hines saw his ordinance pass on first reading. 

First was an air conditioner dripping on new roofing on old City Hall.  Hines said an air conditioner at the Municipal Court building sounds like it's going into orbit because a bearing is wearing out. 

And he says the former transit building on East Water Street has been giving a sweaty workout to the police who are conducting drills and storing equipmenmt there. 

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Second Street continued in the same direction...but close to its goal. 

Dave Tatman thought he was done with preparing to make downtown Second Street two-way, but he says his committee wants him to see the process farther along.   

He's been given three different estimates of the cost in two years, and also has some new department heads with new perspectives.  All that has to then go to the auditor to see if the city can afford it now, and then on to council. 

Reversing one of the two lanes is more complicated and expensive that you might think, especially with adding a traffic light at Paint Street.  The estimates have been on either side of $175,000. 

Tatman hopes to have final numbers in a July 16th committee meeting. 

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Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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