Kidnapped & Raped Girl in Ross County Grand Jury

The Ross County Grand Jury returned 28 of their 29 cases Friday, with five open. 

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In one, according to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, on February 22nd, a missing 12-year-old girl was found when her abductor stopped at a house on Schaeffer Road off State Route 772 in Huntington Township and the people there realized she had been recently been listed as missing. 

It turned out that 26-year-old Heath B. Morrison of Trego Creek Road had carried her into his truck while she was asleep, and she woke up while it was moving.  He told her he was getting some medication.  

After sexually assaulting her, she tried to escape but he pulled her back and further assaulted her. 

Morrison is the victim's mother's boyfriend's son's friend.  He was indicted for kidnapping with a sexual motive, and one attempted rape and four counts of rape of a victim under 13. 

He could get more than 11 years and $20,000 in fines. 

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In another, according to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, 39-year-old Nathan W. Crow was indicted for domestic violence.  His victim said they had been living together in Piketon, but became homeless and lived in their car. 

She said he made her drive around Ross County, but pulled her hair, struck her in the face, and hit her in the face with keys from the evening of February 8th to afternoon the next day.  She could not get out until they stopped at Hirn's Corner near Bainbridge. 

There, she was able to leave him and drive to friends on State Route 41 where a Sheriff's deputy was called.  

Crow could get up to 18 months and $5,000 in fines. 


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