Chillicothe in 2018 - "The State of the City"

Council President Bruce Arnold gave a brief introduction before Mayor Luke Feeney delivered his 2018 "State of the City" address. 

An outline of this complete recording of his 20-minute speech: 

Council President Bruce Arnold's introduction

Mayor's address: 

  • A moment of silence for Westerville
  • Mayor's theme: Collaboration
  • Opioid epidemic
  • "Change the narrative"

Where have we been in the last year?

  • New city school buildings
  • Emergency wing expansion at Adena Regional Medical Center
  • Downtown and parks
  • Economic development visit
  • 2017 "Scenic Ohio" award to Chillicothe
  • Camp Sherman Days
  • Building inspector department
  • Economic development merging
  • Uncertainty of the paper mill being for sale
  • Recycling
  • Getting grants: 
  • OU-C city intern
  • Land Bank demolitions
  • Millenium Grove shelterhouse

"Where are we going?"

  • Initiatives: narrowing the focus
  • Small initiatives: neighborhoods
  • Mayor's neighborhood sessions
  • Two major sidewalk & sewer improvements planned: Western Avenue & Woodbridge Avenue
  • Nuisance issues - asking council to fund new position
  • Summer yard waste pickup planned
  • Targeted park improvements
  • Neighborhood safety
  • Changing police patrol vehicles
  • More bike lanes
  • Seeking sidewalk grants
  • Continuing the mayor's neighborhood sessions
  • Chillicothe is a collaboration

"...I'm counting on all of us, working together, to ensure that the city remains a positive collaborative, and the future bright for us."  

To listen to Mayor Luke Feeney's State of the City Address, go to our podcast link below...



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