Ross County Grand Jury on Burglar, High Speed Chase

The Ross County Grand Jury returned all 26 of their cases Friday, with five open.  

In one, a burglar was indicted for repeating his trade after failing to be tried for the first one. 

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, a resident of Tomahawk Circle returned home November 27th to find a man taking items from his neighbor's.  After calling Chillicothe police, he followed the suspect's car, only to witness the man jump out of the car.  

The car was titled to 47-year-old Willard P. Allison, of Frankfort, who was eventually caught. 

But a woman who was riding with him and who confirmed his identity, as well as the neighbor witness, failed to appear in a pre-trial hearing, so Allison was released. 

Then, he was allegedly caught on December 31st robbing a home on Clayburne Boulevard, with the residents elsewhere watching on live cell phone security video.  

By the time Allison's footprints in the snow led police to find him with stolen property in a ravine off Hospital Road, he may have ditched other items, including the couple's wedding rings, officials said. 

Allison was indicted for both robberies as well as possession of criminal tools, and for the felonies could get up to six years and $12,500 in fines. 

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In another, a Chillicothe man was indicted for a January 10th high-speed chase. 

According to the Ross County Prosecutor's Office, an officer tried to make a traffic stop on 24-year-old Richard L. Runge of Park Street after he failed to signal near the east end of Water Street. 

Instead, Runge headed around to Main Street and out to Charleston Pike, Dry Run Road, and Walnut Creek Road...reaching speeds of 80 miles an hour, and mostly evading three road spikes until his car was pinned into a ditch by a police cruiser and Runge was tackled. 

The high-speed chase lasted about 25 minutes over 18 miles, and Runge had even stopped once to let two female passengers out. 

Runge could get up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine for felony failure to comply. 

He had a warrant out of Pike County for a probation violation. 


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