Redheads Have A Genetic Superpower We All Wish We Had

If you've spent considerable time on the internet, or are a South Park fan, you've probably come across this video below. The phrase "gingers have no souls" became popularized more than a decade ago after the episode on South Park called "Ginger Kids" aired on TV. Eric talks about a fake disease called "Gingervitis."


Unfortunately, because redheads are so rare, making up only 2% of the population, they haven't been favored in history.

During the medieval ages, "gingers" were associated with moral degeneration. Centuries later, they were persecuted in the European witch trials and the Spanish Inquisition because their red hair was seen as a mark of the devil.

Research shows that redheads possess a gene mutation known as MC1R, which gives their hair its hue, but also gives them a bunch of other "superpowers" we all wish we had.

In fact, they are not the evil villains they were made out to be, but possess some interesting traits that would make anyone jealous.

Here are the perks of being a "ginger."

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