Chillicothe Committee Hears More on Piketon Dump

Few attended the Piketon Waste Cell meeting of Chillicothe Council Monday evening...but much was said.

There were only about half a dozen attending the meeting on either side of the railing. 

After public pleas in two council sessions to look into how the proposed dump site at the Piketon Atomic plant might affect the region, Jean Kerney, chair of the Community Service Committee, called the meeting.

President of the Chillicothe-Ross League of Women Voters, Bart Henshaw, gave a nonpartisan overview. 

Then part of the leadership of the community opposition, Elizabeth Lamerson, spoke. She says she has experience with the issue as a shipper of radioactive waste off the site, and as an employee of the Ohio EPA in hazardous waste management.  She also is a neighbor of the facility. 

Lamerson wants support of the southern Ohio community to get politicians involved and change the plan from an on-site dump, to shipping the waste west where it's far drier, and residences are farther away. 

She explained how the Department of Energy ignored its own findings, and is even accelerating work on the site.  

Her group is CARD, Citizens Against a Radioactive Dump in Pike County.  

Pastor Terry Williams also spoke, from his father's experience in working in the facility...and on the pattern of behavior of management there. 

Jean Kerney, who called the meeting, plans to relay her findings in the next council well as hopes to be part of a town hall meeting. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture



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