International Rotary President Coming to Chillicothe

International Rotary President, Ian H. S. Risely will be the honored guest at the Chillicothe Rotary Club's Centennial Celebration being held at the Christopher Conference Center in Chillicothe on November 17th, beginning at 6:30pm.

The Chillicothe Rotary Club was installed November 13, 1917 as the 370th club of Rotary.  The sponsoring club was the Columbus Rotary Club.  Nearly 100% of that club's membership arrived via Norfolk and Western train for the ceremony.  The train was switched to a siding located at the Camp Sherman training center where the celebration took place.  Ceremonies were conducted by Major General Glenn, Camp Sherman's commanding officer.

The many accomplishments of the Chillicothe Rotary Club over the past 100 years will be celebrated at the Centennial Banquet being held on Friday evening.President Riseley, a native of Australia, has been a Rotarian since 1978, serving as treasurer, director, Foundation trustee and member and chair of numerous RI and Foundation committees.

The Chillicothe Rotary Club Centennial event is an open invitation activity. Anyone may attend by registering their attendance on-line at  The search term is "Chillicothe Rotary Club Centennial".  Registrations will be limited to first come, first serve applicants until November 10th.


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