Future of Chillicothe DTA to Be Decided

A Chillicothe non-profit dedicated to advocacy of the city's downtown may be ending its operation. Members of the Chillicothe Downtown Associates will meet in an emergency session to discuss the dissolution of the organization, Thursday. 

Randy Davies, with the Chillicothe-Ross Chamber of Commerce, said it comes down to membership and necessity as there is little need for two separate entities dedicated to small business and the downtown.

"The board of directors voted in January for the Chamber to take over the managerial responsibilities of the DTA and basically run that organization," said Davies. "There just wasn't a lot of membership involvement over the last several years and the chamber was doing its job, so they felt that we should just combine the efforts."

He said the Chamber would establish a special committee with the purpose of attending to the downtown if it is decided to dissolve the DTA. 

"All of the funds that have been and will continue to be collected for downtown promotions and events will be put into a separate account; that committee will run just like it really it is today and just continue the efforts of promoting downtown Chillicothe."

Davies said a definite need for more than one small business/downtown organization would have to be identified for the DTA to stay intact.


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