Pickaway Commissioners Plan Fairgrounds Upgrades

Upgrades to the Pickaway County Fairgrounds will be seen within the next couple of years.

"The plan is by the 2019 fair all of our 4H and FFA students will be in brand new livestock facilities with a brand new indoor show arena and a brand new outdoor arena as well," said Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart. 

He said the site is in need of work as the facilities are between 50 and 60 years old. 

Stewart said the first phase of the project will focus on updates to the show arenas and livestock facilities. 

"The plan has many other phases: multi-purpose buildings, new parking, new entrances, a lot of other things that would be great to do," said Stewart, "but that might have to be deferred if we don't have the kind participation that we had been led to believe -- that this community -- had been led to believe that we would have." 

Stewart said the private non-profit group Pickaway Sportsman had raised more than $900,000 that was believed to be contributed to the project, but that the group pulled back its financial support. A representative of Pickaway Sportsman told other media outlets the support came to a halt after representatives felt the group's input for the project was not being considered. 

Stewart said the board of commissioners will move forward with plans, regardless.

"We had over $3,000 pledged just in a single day from 4H students toward this building fund, which I think shows the kids get it, they want to see better facilities, and we're excited to get it done."

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