Officials Seek Cooperation in Mosquito Control

Efforts are underway to control the mosquito population in Ohio. Brittany Zoecklein, mosquito control intern for the Pickaway County General Health District, said removing unwanted tires from properties is a great way for residents to help.

"Reason being is because mosquitoes love tires because they're dark, collect water easily, and they kind of just sit there," said Zoecklein, "so it's the perfect habitat for them."

Zoecklein said the health district will assist residents who want to get rid of unwanted passenger tires. One program allows for a drop-off site for 10 or less unmounted tires, while another sends people out to the property to remove 15 or more tires. 

Additionally, she said removing standing water, wearing long sleeves, and applying mosquito repellent that contains DEET are effective precautions. 

Zoecklein said the health district offers mosquito larvicide for homeowners to use around their property and is free to those who reside in Pickaway County. Log onto to learn more.


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