Chillicothe Fireworks Display Set for 7/4

The city of Chillicothe's annual fireworks display takes place in Yoctangee Park at dusk on Tuesday night.

"We work with WKKJ as far as to try to time the fireworks with the music, so as long as there is no bad weather, we try to shoot between 9:30 and 10 o'clock," said Jeff Smith, with the Chillicothe Fire Department.

Officials project at least 10,000 spectators to be within the floodwall and Yoctangee Park area, Tuesday evening. 

Bud Lytle, of the Chillicothe Police Department, warns those attending the fireworks display to refrain from bringing their own pyrotechnics as they can pose a safety hazard to those in attendance. 

In fact, he said it is illegal for anyone to discharge fireworks in the state without a permit, and those who buy fireworks are not allowed to have them in Ohio 48 hours after they have been purchased. 

"You are going to receive a citation at bare minimum," said Lytle. "It's actually a jailable offense."

Additionally, the traffic pattern following the display will be the same as last year. According to Lytle, motorists will be directed to Yoctangee Parkway and High Street from Mill Street.

"There will be no left turns out of the park just like in years past," said Lytle. "You can go north, you can get on 35, it'll loop back around to the east side of the city, but that gets us out of some of that congestion."

He estimates it will take 30-45 minutes for traffic to clear out of Yoctangee Park.



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