The Chillicothe Cheerleaders have a Rummage Sale and Tenderloin Sale scheduled for Saturday. Call now to place your tenderloin orders. Call 740-703-7466.

Randy Couture's "Gym Rescue"
MMA star Randy Couture is part of the makeover craftsmen for Spike-TV's "Gym Rescue". He tells Dan Ramey about the show and his role as a member of a who's who of action stars in "The Expendables 3" opening this week. Couture is a charter member of the International Sports Hall of Fame. Photo by Dana Cousins


It's Almost Sunflower Festival Time
The 15th annual Sunflower Festival is about to blossom in Frankfort. Kristie Miner and Debbi Fulton were in to share details of this year's festival which includes a light up the night run, queens and baby contests, strongman competition, parades and of course, sunflowers. Learn more at Photo by Melissa Dillon.



Preparing for Back-to-School
It's back to school time and Shopping Journalist Claudia Lombana says there are a lot of must have items and budget ideas available. Dan and Mike follow up with some of their back to school memories... which bring a laugh.

NAMI Conference is Saturday
The local chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness is hosting a conference and dinner this weekend. Steve, Aaron and Lizzy Copper were in to share more details about NAMI, which serving Fayette, Highland, Pickaway, Pike and Ross Counties. The R.I.O.T. Event (Recovery Is Out There) Dinner is Saturday night at The Red Barn off of Pleasant Valley Road.

COMING MONDAY: Learn more about the Cavalier Club's Golf Ball Drop at 7:10am and Ross County YMCA CEO Steve Clever stops in for an update.