Feeding the Hope

Orchard Hill United Church of Christ will be hosting a concert in the Chillicothe High School Auditorium on February 1st beginning at 2pm. Pastor Terry Williams says the event is in its 8th year and its growth demanded more space. It’s a celebration event which helps to put a wrap on the final days of a campaign to benefit the Good Samaritan Food Network. The Praise Team and dance group from Church of Deliverance will perform in addition to Voice of Hope Church of God and members of the Orchard Hill, too. The day will also feature the black light puppet ministry of 2Bz. Pastor Williams talks about how families are selected to be served by Good Sam, which has numbered more than 1,000 per month. Williams adds 16.1% of Ross Countians are on some type of assistance, which don’t have enough assistance to last a month. The event is free, but attendees are asked to bring non-perishable food item for donating to Good Sam.

Habitat’s Chocolate Fantasy

The Scioto Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Chocolate Fantasy is coming February 9th. Dottie Molebash and local President Doug Scott talk about how Habitat is just about done building their 29th home. Scott explains how the organization helps build the homes and how it helps the Chillicothe community. Molebash says the Chocolate Fantasy is a fun way for the local chapter of Habitat to raise awareness and funds for their projects. Attendees will pay $5 for a ticket allowing them to sample four items at the event. There will also be a Chinese Auction with more than 100 items up for bids. The Scioto Valley Habitat for Humanity’s Chocolate Fantasy will be held in the St. Mary’s Life Center at 4th and Paint Streets in Downtown Chillicothe. The doors will be open at 12:00pm and the event will conclude at 3:30pm.

Dr. Keith Kantor: You Can Eat Healthy and Not Break the Bank

The common complaints about trying to eat right are there isn’t enough time to do so or it’s too costly.  So how can people eat better and healthier without breaking the bank account?  Dr. Keith Kantor says it’s not as hard to do as people think. Kantor, a leading nutritionist and author of the books “What Matters” and the new children’s book “The Green Box League of Nutritious Justice” has a list of tips and inexpensive yet healthy food dishes that people can prepare without breaking their bank accounts.  Read more at www.drkeithkantor.com.

Travel Girl Magazine's Stephanie Oswalt

Stephanie Oswalt, Editor-In-Chief of Travel Girl Magazine wants you to have a flu free winter vacation. Oswalt advises how you can stay healthy -- healthy enough to take that vacation you’ve been looking forward to, the trip that’s supposed to be your prescription for the winter doldrums. She says one step that can be helpful is using clinically proved Oscillo®. Studies show the over the counter drug shortens the duration and reduces the severity of flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue when taken at the first sign of illness. Oscillo is recommended for everyone ages 2 to 102, with no drowsiness or drug interactions and the sweet-tasting, easy-to-take pellets dissolve quickly under the tongue—no water, chewing or swallowing required. Learn more here: www.travelgirlinc.com