Water-Can Walk Coming April 26th
In Africa, people spend 40 billion hours every year carrying water. Brad & Cherie Catron have witnessed women and children carrying heavy water cans during their mission trips to Kenya. Nearly 2,000 people die daily from diarrhea caused by unsafe drinking water. April 26th, together with Chris Pope's Advanced Placement Science Classes at Chillicothe High School, the Catron's will hope to raise awareness for life-saving water filters for a small village in Kenya, East Africa. The goal is to raise $150, but a $35 donation is the minimum entry for the Water-Can Walk to take place in Yoctangee Park. Entry forms and more details can be found at watercanwalk@groups.facebook.com or by stopping in the Ross County YMCA.


2nd Chance Dream Coming to the Majestic Theater
Linda Wilson has always asked "Do you dare to dream?" and is hoping gospel groups will take the opportunity to hit the stage of The Majestic Theater March 29th in a new gospel singing competition. Wilson says the event will have a judges choice which receives third place, but the audience will determine second and first places. Entry to the competition is $35 and tickets are $15 for adults, students $13. Get more details at www.2ndchancedream.weebly.com.