Chillicothe Girls Tennis Coach Janet Disbennett is picking up an extra duty this spring, coaching the Cavalier Boys Tennis Team.

The need for a new coach was precipitated when Brad Seymour informed the Athletic Department he’d been offered a non-coaching job in the Cincinnati area he simply couldn’t pass up.

So, Disbennett (who has coached the boys in previous years) agreed to step in for Seymour, who has doubled as her assistant coach on the girls side the last few years.

“They’re a really good group of kids” said Disbennett. “I was around them last year a few times. I went to some of the matches with Brad, and the Sectionals. So, I know most of the kids.”

There’s something a little different about this year’s Boys Team… there are two girls. Emma Patino who played Soccer and Gabby Lapurga who played Volleyball. “That’s a first. The girls are allowed to play on the boys team if they did not compete on the girls team in the fall.”

And both Patino and Lapurga will by vying for varsity spots. “So far, the memories of differences between coaching boys and girls are coming back” said Disbennett. “I saw on Twitter where one of the girls said ‘The Boys are so competitive… even in warm ups!’”

Disbennett says Washington Court House is expected to be the team to beat in the SCOL. Washington beat nipped the Cavs 3-2 in a non-league match last spring.

Frankie and Nick Whalen both will return as Singles players along with Noah Wright-Piecarski and Jacob Hirsch from last season’s boys who have competed for the SEOAL titles the last few seasons.

The Cavs open their season on April 1st with Miami Trace at the courts at OU-Chillicothe at 4:30pm.

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